Monday, 25 June 2018

Wet, wetter, wettest...

So, today, in between taking the old press apart and loading bits of it into a van to go to its new home, was largely Washing Out, and Washing. Procion dyes need to "batch", ideally for 24 hours, but not more than 72.  I generally just start washing out on the second day by sorting into colour sets (first one was Red, Orange, Yellow) and rinsing madly in running water. On a day as hot as this one, no great hardship, but I did end up soaked all over my front and utterly peeved with rubber gloves..All  of one colour set goes into the washing machine for a Hot Wash. All the threads need to be washed in little net bags - sometimes a skein escapes, at this point I usually chuck it out, as the untangling is silly. So, red wash first,

and out and dry

I won't iron till I'm done, then weigh, pack, lots of stock...
Skeins take a bit longer to dry

Then blue

I left the Green Wash running and came home, having refilled all the pots with yet more fabric and used up All the Dye!

Oh, and here's the wool, all bundled and priced and ready to go...

Tomorrow - More washing, and Indigo!