Thursday, 21 June 2018

I haven't had a "Week Of" for ages

So, Week of Dyes.
The big pile of dyeables was escaping from the underneath of the Big Table, so today I started with Wool. This, of course, needs Acid Dye, and heat...

So, take two old microwave ovens

Lots of old wool blankets, cut up into squares

Which need to be soaked in warm water and vinegar (I use the cheapest brown stuff from Tesco), then wrung out

Mix up the dyes in squeezy bottles (a small funnel is essential) - a little goes a long way

Not forgetting to keep your Rubber Gloves on, of course.. Oooops. Put your fabrics into microwaveable containers (I use old Pyrex mixing bowls) and dribble dye, with extra water if desired
Heat on full, 2 minutes. Wait 2 minutes, heat again, on full, 2 minutes
Rinse well in cold water, hang on the line...
Acid dyes should "exhaust" well - if you use the right amount of dye the run-off water is just about clear. If you have too much, it can be tipped into the next

This was about 1/2 of today's pieces, and there will be lots more tomorrow. Perhaps I'll get the drying racks out, too

I will make these into bundles for sale - nothing stitches quite so well as boiled wool, by hand, no effort required...