Friday, 29 June 2018

Heaps, Piles, Sore Thumbs...

Now, the great thing about this level of concentrated work is that it is relatively efficient, and sometimes the need to just get-on-with-it makes for freer and less deliberate work
Indigo is soooo gratifyingly instant - you dip, squeeze, lay out, wait a few minutes, rinse, wash (and a short wash, too) and dry - and as the weather is almost designed for drying, that rotation means a lot gets done really quickly

Last hang-out of this evening had lots of nice blankety squares - nothing stitches quite like dyed and much-washed wool. These will make bundles for sale. Note the difference in colour - some are on a yellowish base, some from a really fresh dye-pot, some more tired but still nice

Today's dried-and-ready indigo. The box is full of lace

I finally finished washing and drying all the Procion dyed fabrics - found three buckets lurking in the kitchen last night. This is the tidy basketfull

This box, not quite so much
The darker colours are dyed onto coloured cloth - you get a most rich and delightful result

So, back home, tea in the garden, and more winding. The productivity is lovely, but by gum, the finishing is messy

More blue stuff tomorrow..

Meanwhile, Heather sent these nice images from her dyelots -

Partly oxidised

Same fabric 2 minutes later

and washed out at home...