Saturday, 30 June 2018

The End Of The Buckets

Is Nigh
Spent today making large untidy piles into smaller tidy ones, sorting, trying not to get too sunned-out, and finishing the wet cloth into the last of the indigo. Which worked nicely. As there's only so much amusement in washing-lines full of blue, I've made some detail images...

Shibori (that is, old-fashioned tie-dye with posh clothes on) is usually done on cotton or silk - this is wool blanket, and surprisingly effective. One rubber band.

And this lovely effect was done with a three cheap plastic pegs and a fold or two

This lovely fine linen, also done with pegs, is nicely spotty

On the other hand, this thin silk noil was laboriously stitched, tied, and then dyed, and then equally laboriously unpicked. I'm much more impressed with the peg thing

The wool pieces will make bundles for sale, typical contents

Nicely rolled and tied
Hot cakes time!
Week of Dyes is now done, my wrists are aflame, my back complains, and my table is full of lovely cloth. Tomorrow, I press!