Thursday, 21 October 2021

17 and 18, almost home

 I got to Malvern last night after a long day's drive through much of South Wales, too many motorways, and a fair sprinkling of teeny steep lanes without turn-around places...

And the campsite had "paid internet" and, despite a very good phone signal, blocked free access. Grrr

So, day 17 was a bit like this

Leaf colour at Pengraig
Early sunshine, the morning was delightful after a long wet night
Another angle
And big mushrooms!
Layby berries
Malvern Hills
and leaves by my motorhome

Lovely trees...

 On the other hand, when this was described as a "blueberry muffin" they really didn't feel the need to offer any multiples...

Day 18 was a bit more relaxed.. In no particular order

Lake with Flamingoes

The previous customer...
My £35 worth seems modest

At Bramble Patch I found this lovely beauty

Still a treadle, sadly not being used

By the lake in late sun

Don't like heights. This was huge
A rabble
And a member of same. I had a coffee by the lake then have retired for a peaceful evening with my radio and some hand-sewing.. I will be home tomorrow, and do not plan to blog this journey further unless I see something fascinating on the way..

Thanks for reading!